Buying or Selling a Home? Who is Responsible for Paying the Real Estate Agents? If you ask this question to anyone who has ever bought or sold a home, the answer will probably be something along the lines of, “the seller pays the realtor their commission”. […]
Flat Fee Real Estate Colorado
How To Choose a Flat Fee Real Estate Company in Colorado Over the last 10 years, technology has changed the way real estate is conducted. With that evolution, real estate agent fee structures have also changed. When an industry is experience rapid change, it can cause […]
Commission Rebate Denver
What is a Real Estate Commission Rebate? Real Estate Commission Rebates have been around for decades but have only recently been gaining in popularity. When an agent represents a buyer, they are typically paid a commission by the seller. This commission is generally around 3% of […]
Average Real Estate Fees Denver
When it comes to buying and selling homes in the Denver market, there are no shortages when it comes to options on how to purchase or sell. Searching for what you should pay in real estate agent fees in Denver can be confusing. In this article, […]
3 Reasons to not use flat fee realtors
3 Things to Look for Before Hiring a Flat Fee Real Estate Company in Denver Flat fee real estate and discount real estate companies have become increasingly popular. The proposition is great. Sell your Denver home for a reduced or flat fee. Flat fee real estate […]
Commission Rebate Denver
3 Things to Avoid When Shopping a Real Estate Commission Rebate Company If you are looking companies in Denver that offer a real estate commission rebate when you buy a home, you are already one big step ahead of the average consumer. Getting a real estate […]
Clever Real Estate aka ListWithClever (How It Works, Pros and Cons, & FAQs) Clever Real Estate promises to help consumers save money through their network of partner agents. According to their site, Clever offers both buyer and seller services with flat fee listings starting at $3,000 […]